As the 21st century unfolds, exploration for pure discovery has given way to exploration as a means to preserve the natural world.

A long-standing commitment

Mountain exploration

The history of Rolex and exploration is one linked to some of the greatest adventures of the past century.

Oyster watches have been to the top of the world and the deepest part of the ocean. For generations, pioneering explorers have attested to their reliability in the toughest of conditions.

Meet the Master Photographer on a Mission to Help us See the Sea

David Doubilet

Without photography, the world beneath the ocean’s surface would remain an unseen mystery for most of us.

Pioneering underwater photographer David Doubilet—whose first photo was published in National Geographic in 1972—has dedicated his life to capturing the action, drama, and poetry of our oceans and bringing those images back to the surface for those of us who might never see those sights with our own eyes.

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