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Alexis BelonioRecycling rice husks into fuel

Published in 2008Time to read: 0min 45s

Huge piles of discarded rice husks clutter many farms in Asia. Inventor Alexis Belonio has found a way to put them to practical use, at the same time as reducing pollution and saving farmers’ money in the process.

locationThe Philippines

Prolific inventor Alexis Belonio invented a simple, gas-fired stove powered by rice husks, one of Asia’s most abundant farm by-product wastes. His low-cost, smoke-free stove for use in homes and cottage industries reduces fuel costs and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

It is a God-given technology. I wish to share it with people all around the world.

Belonio, who is an associate professor at the College of Agriculture of the Central Philippine University, has offered the stove’s technology free of charge on his website. The rice-husk gas stove is being commercially produced in India, Vietnam and other countries, with the Indian company now producing about 100 units in one month. And in the Philippines, small shops are making the stoves and selling them locally.

Belonio has also been actively involved in developing a bioethanol production plant and, more recently, in soil restoration.

  • 2 kg

    Rice husks burned in one hour by the stove


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