Eduardo LlerenasThe sounds of Mexico’s heart

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Eduardo Llerenas was a professor of biochemistry until he transformed his life mid-career, devoting his time to preserving Mexico’s rich musical heritage.


In 1967, scientific researcher Eduardo Llerenas began travelling from his home in Mexico City to the surrounding countryside to discover nature and people. But he soon discovered something else: a keen appreciation of folk music. Now he is considered by ethnomusicologists to be a world expert on Mexican traditional music.

There’s a great cultural value in this music. It represents five centuries. It’s the musical heritage of Mexico.

The director of an independent music label, his unique musical archive includes more than 15,000 songs by 800 groups, not only from Mexico but also Belize, the Caribbean, Guatemala and Mali.

His recording company has released 85 titles, including a box set of six albums, The Anthology of Mexican Sones, which was later released on cassette and CD and is now available digitally. This set has become the most important reference for traditional music in Mexico and has been enormously influential for young musicians in both rural and urban areas. It has also been distributed internationally. Llerenas has won several awards and been nominated for a Grammy.


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