Rolex and National GeographicExplore the ocean in 24 hours

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12 p.m. Great Australian Bight

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Around noon, overhead sunlight breaks through the teal surf of the Great Australian Bight off the mainland's southern coast. A cluster of sea lions weaves through the marine greenery, likely searching for a lunch of southern bluefin tuna. Years of heavy fishing have decreased the amount of prey available to the sea lions in recent years, though a growing coalition of conservation groups, industry representatives, and governments is working to restore ocean habitats through creation of marine protected areas, science-based catch management, new technologies, and other practices. PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID DOUBILET, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE.

National Geographic produced this content as part of our partnership with Rolex, formed to promote exploration and conservation. The organizations have joined forces in efforts that support explorers who are nurturing big ideas and finding real solutions to protect Earth’s wonders.

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