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Louis LiebenbergTaking a new track

Published in 1998Time to read: 0min 46s

Louis Liebenberg designed the CyberTracker to enable Kalahari Bushmen to record their observations of animals, but the technology has proved a highly versatile scientific tool.

locationSouth Africa

South African scientist Louis Liebenberg made it his life’s work to revitalize the art of animal tracking, but the computer program he developed in pursuit of this mission has had much wider applications. The CyberTracker, which can be used on a smartphone or handheld computer, enables Southern Africa’s Bushmen to select icons that depict the behaviour of animals. Designed to protect species and ecosystems by monitoring and gathering data, the device has proved extremely versatile, and is now being used for scientific research, citizen science, education, farming, social and health surveys, crime prevention and disaster relief. The CyberTracker, available as freeware, has been downloaded more than 100,000 times by users in more than 200 countries.

The objective of environmental monitoring is… to alert us if and when human actions are having a negative impact on nature.

In 2013, to further enhance the status of tracking, Liebenberg published a book, his fifth, titled The Origin of Science: On the Evolutionary Roots of Science and its Implications for Self-Education and Citizen Science. He continues to refine and update his revolutionary tracking device.

  • 100,000+

    Downloads of CyberTracker freeware

  • 200

    Countries in which the CyberTracker is being used


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